Romak Polemer

He has been working for many years on the production of PVC decorative products by employing efficient, technical and trained engineering forces;
One of the products is PVC Edge Tape which launches this product under the brand name Kimak. Features of this product are durability and longevity in home furnishings and office furniture, which can be mentioned in a variety of two solid color and wood grain designs. .
So Monochrome Edge Bar (Soid): Available in a wide range of colors, being up-to-date and flexible is the basis of this product.
Wood grain edge strip: Depending on the texture of the prominent surface of the strip strip and its color, it corresponds to most of the wood and MDF field types available, this particular feature can help designers and clients of the profession to choose Help her taste and execute it.
Since we are looking for a high quality and acceptable product, we have made many efforts and efforts to include some of them below.

1- Providing high quality Iranian and foreign raw materials: We have provided this platform with the presence of efficient and trained forces in international fairs of countries such as South Korea, China, Turkey and ... Identify and monitor the quality of the raw materials of these countries and countries participating in the exhibitions, enter into negotiation and trade with them, and use foreign quality raw materials, as well as some domestic suppliers. For example, the use of a very high and strong adhesion primer in the kimak edge strip that adheres to any hot melt adhesive in different climates.
2. Using efficient technical forces with up-to-date machinery and knowledge of the world: Considering the production lines of reputable foreign companies, we decided to establish a number of our technical forces in factories of the same product in those countries, Undertake operational and scientific training on the production of this product and related products, as well as on the continuous use of their knowledge, as well as on the operational training of personnel recruited over a period of 6 months by experienced equipment manufacturers at the time of launch of the lines. Production tried to bring the latest technical knowledge in production, maintenance, research and development to personnel. Transfer it.
3. Using different production methods: In addition to the above, our product range is designed to improve the quality of the PVC edge strip and to ensure consistency and color stability throughout the production period as well as the closest color spectrum of the PVC edge strip texture to the surface. The said MDF does not use the usual production methods in Iran, for example:
3.1.1 Compounding and granulation: In order to avoid the use of marketable colorants that are the main cause of color changes at each production time, all processes related to formulation and various properties And we granulate the required colors in the unit to ensure consistency in quality and color with standard tests.
Printer Unit: This unit has very accurate and up-to-date technology which gives us a great opportunity since all color matching is done by trained and trained people (explained in section 2). And it is done using quality and original colors. We are able to produce as per customer's requirement and can print and market products with high quality textures and backgrounds with a variety of roles and paintings on the surface of the edge tape and with these excellent features We are able to implement any specific design and pattern that has just emerged in the fashion market in our process.
4- Continuous Quality Control (QC) with high and strict standards: During production and after production of the final product, all products are processed in a process guaranteed with high precision and according to strict and specified standards. Failure to comply with any of the standards falls into the category of waste, which has created conditions that distinguish it from the competitors' homegrown products and even compete with foreign products.
5. Packaging: We make it our commitment to deliver to our customers all their goods in the right conditions and in the best possible way in high quality, high quality packaging without any wear and tear. In the meantime, our packaging cartons are designed to be easily recognizable and transportable.
6. Establishment of R&D Unit and Specialized Laboratory: This unit is assisted in investigating the properties of products and formulas offered according to customer needs and also in conducting research to further enhance the products.
7. Establishment of Quality Management System (ISO 9001): We have mentioned all of the above points to point out the important and proud fact that it is indeed a boom that is the actual establishment of a quality management system and the receipt of an ISO 9001 Management Certificate. This requires us to have, maintain, and apply internationally approved standards and practices in all aspects

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